I’m a 3rd year doctoral candidate in neuroscience at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), where I’m advised by Dr. Aimee McRae-Clark.

My research uses a human laboratory paradigm to inform pharmacotherapeutic development for addictive disorders, predominantly cannabis use disorder. To conduct this work, I use a combination of methods including human behavior, pharmacology, psychophysiology, and ecological momentary assessment.

A key focus of my work is translatability: from animal models to the human laboratory, from the human laboratory to clinical trials, and bidirectionally across sexes. A primary goal in my doctoral training has been to develop skills that would enable me to best realize this focus, and I’m looking to continue this training as a postdoctoral researcher. Areas I’m most interested in for postdoctoral training are multimodal imaging (fMRI/PET) and pharmacogenomics in addiction.

Are you interested in translational addiction research? Contact me.